What is SOS on iPhone I How To Enable & Activate SOS On iPhone ?

The function of SOS on iPhone

The SOS function on iPhones is an essential tool that allows users to quickly call emergency services and support during critical situations.

SOS is enabled by default on current iPhones and allows users to quickly seek assistance, make emergency calls, and inform emergency contacts. Here, we will look at the features and benefits of SOS on iPhones, as well as practical advice on how to set it up and utilize it successfully.

Where can we see indication of SOS on the iPhone?

When cellular coverage is bad, if your SIM card has failed, or if your cellular settings are not set to Automatic, SOS or “SOS only” will show up in your status bar.

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What are the features of SOS on iPhone?

Key Features

  • Sending an emergency call to local authorities with location details.
  • Maintaining communication with specified emergency contacts.
  • From the Lock Screen, access to Medical ID information.

How to Configure SOS on iPhone?

A. Using the SOS Feature

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Select “Emergency SOS” from the menu.

B. Enabling the SOS Feature

  • Check the box next to “Call with Side Button” to enable SOS by pressing the side button.
  • Consider enabling “Auto Call” for automatic dialling following the countdown.

C. Adding Emergency Contacts

  • Within the Health app, configure emergency contacts.
  • Check that the contact information is correct and up to date.

Activating SOS on iPhone?

A. Manually Initiating SOS

  • Rapidly push the side button five times in a row.
  • To initiate an emergency call, swipe the SOS slider.

B. Using Side Button Combinations (Apple Model)

  • For iPhone 8 and after, press and hold the side button as well as any volume button.
  • Press the side button five times on an iPhone 7 or before.

C. The Countdown and Confirmation Process

  • When activated, a three-second countdown begins before the emergency call is placed.
  • If the SOS call is accidentally initiated during the countdown, it can be cancelled.

Utilizing Emergency SOS Options on iPhone?

A. Making Emergency Calls

Based on the user’s location, the SOS feature automatically phones local emergency services. It ensures that users access the relevant emergency response authorities as soon as possible.

B. Medical ID Integration

  • Medical ID information can be viewed without unlocking the smartphone via the Lock Screen.
  • It contains essential health information as well as emergency contact information for first responders.

C. Notifying Emergency Contacts

  • When SOS is activated, emergency contacts receive a text message with the user’s current position. During an emergency, they can stay informed about the user’s safety and whereabouts.

Customizing SOS Preferences on iPhone?

A. Changing Auto Call Settings

  • Users can toggle Auto Call on or off in the Emergency SOS settings. They can also specify the preferred countdown time before Auto Call begins.

B. Managing Emergency Contacts

  • Within the Health app, users can add, amend, or remove emergency contacts.
  • It is critical to ensure that the appropriate persons are contacted during an emergency.

C. Enabling Location Sharing

  • During SOS activation, users can choose to share their current location with emergency contacts. This allows emergency personnel to quickly locate the user.

iPhone SOS during International Travelling?

A. Global Compatibility and Availability

  • Test the functionality of SOS in various countries and locations.
  • Users should be informed of the destination country’s emergency numbers and services.

B. Suggestions and Solutions

  • Recognize potential language obstacles or differences in emergency response processes.
  • Plan for alternate modes of communication and help while travelling.


A. Explain how the SOS feature works, its limitations, and its dependability ?

“The SOS feature on iPhones functions similarly to an emergency button. When you press the side button five times quickly, it automatically contacts local emergency services. It also sends a message with your location to your emergency contacts. This allows you to seek help quickly when you need it the most! Just keep in mind that it must be used with caution and only in true circumstances.”

B. Troubleshooting SOS Issues ?

“Troubleshooting iPhone SOS issues” refers to locating and resolving issues with your iPhone’s emergency SOS feature. This tool allows you to swiftly summon assistance in an emergency, however it does not always function as planned. So, troubleshooting is determining what is causing the problem and attempting to restore correct operation so that you can utilize it when needed.”

C. . Safety Tips & Best Practices ?

  • Learn how to turn on SOS on your iPhone.
  • To guarantee that it works, test it in a secure location.
  • Keep your phone locked to prevent accidental activation.
  • Use SOS only in true circumstances, not as a joke.
  • Update your medical ID with important information.
  • Maintain a charged phone and stay alert of your surroundings.
  • Follow local emergency procedures.
  • Teach children how to utilize SOS properly.

In conclusion

The SOS feature on iPhones is a key lifeline in situations, allowing users to swiftly get assistance and notify loved ones. Every iPhone user should know how to enable, use, and configure the SOS feature. Users can improve their personal safety and be better prepared to deal with unforeseen occurrences by using this strong emergency tool. To make the most of this life-saving tool, acquaint yourself with SOS, add emergency contacts, and maintain your Medical ID up to date.

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